Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bit3lips in progress

Hey girls.
It's Fara from Bit3Lips again ;)

O.. my gosh...

Am currently sorting out all the clothes for Bit3Lips "SAWAN" 4Fashion garage sale which will happen VERY SOON.

Mind you, these bunch of tops and bottoms, bags, formal wear, plus size clothes, baju kurung, pant suit, dresses, skirts, caps, bags, shoes, kids clothe and accessories are just my part.
Haven't added those from the girls.


While we continue doing the preparation, do join our Facebook group here *clicks*clicks*clicks*

Please note that Bit3Lips - "Sawan" 4Fashion garage sale is happening in Kota Kinabalu ;)

BUUUUUUUUTTTTT, no worries.. for those who lives outside KK/Sabah, Bit3Lips team is planning to sell some of our garage sale clothes online. *cross finger*

So subscribe to our blog, join our FB group, spread the word and stay tuneeeeee~~~~

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