Saturday, November 29, 2008


We never thought that we could even organize a crash super fast fashion garage sale within 2 weeks. But alas, it’s all finally done.

Bit3Lips "SAWAN 4FASHION" Garage Sale is ONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few pics from preparation *sneak peek for ya*

Now for the big day (at least for most of us)… today.... and...tomorrow.....

Don’t forget to come to our “SAWAN 4FASHION” Garage sale TODAY and TOMORROW (29th Nov & 30th Nov).

I mentioned this b4 and I’ll mention it again and again, please bring enough/a lot of money coz all items starts from rm5 and no more than rm50. We have a lot of shoes, RM5 tops, bags, baju kurung and a lot more!

Refer map *here* and poster *here*

See you guys there!

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金田一 said...

i am sorry that I couldn't make it today. will try again tomolo